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The Wabash Hounds


A Traditional Country Hunt
Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa

During the season we will post upcoming dates and try to have some photos and a little news about our hunt
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Kennels Located in Fremont County, Iowa

A Traditional Country Hunt

Foxhunting. It has been referred to as the sport of kings and the king of sports, but it is in fact enjoyed by people of almost all ages and occupations. There is nothing in sport, and there is hardly anything in life, which quite resembles it. The excitement of Foxhunting was introduced to the Imogene area by the Wabash Hounds Masters of Foxhounds. The Wabash Hounds was recognized by the Masters of Foxhounds Association of America in May 1994. is in charge of Hunt staff, fixtures and all other hunting activities.  Huntsman and trains and hunts the hounds in order to provide sport for the membership. is in charge of land acquisition and landowner relations. The Masters confer with the governing body of the Hunt, the Hunt Board, whose members are appointed from the general membership.  collects capping fees, takes attendance of the field, and assists riders and horses during the hunt. The Wabash Hounds are of American and Crossbred bloodlines and are kept at kennels in Fremont County, Iowa.

The Hunting Season

The Hunt observes the rules of conduct and dress dictated by tradition and necessity as defined by the Masters of Foxhounds Association. Formal hunting attire is strictly observed during formal hunt season, while ratcatcher is appropriate during cub hunting season. Scarlet "pinque" coats are to be worn only by staff and gentlemen members who have received their colors. White breeches are to be worn only with scarlet coats. Black coats and tan breeches are to be worn by all other riders. Black dress boots are preferred and a black hard hat is mandatory, with a secured harness highly recommended. The formal hunt season is preceded by "cub hunting", informal hunts held in September for the purpose of acclimating new hounds, horses, riders (and foxes) to the sport. Formal hunt season begins in October and ends in April. The traditional opening hunt includes a special blessing of the hounds ceremony, presentation of St. Hubert medals to new members, and stirrup cup toasts. Guests are welcome during both cub hunts and formal meets provided they have made arrangements with the Honorary Secretary. The length of the season and the number of hunts is largely dependent upon weather, scenting conditions and access to croplands in the hunt country, which consists of rolling hills and fields, and wooded coverts. Foxes and coyotes obligingly give us sport, but the terrain inevitably favors the quarry. Coops are placed over fences for easy accessibility, are inviting to ride, and are safely secured. Gates are placed next to each coop so the non jumpers in the field can follow the hunt throughout. During the season, Hounds are hunted twice a week - Thursday afternoons and Saturday mornings. Date and times of all hunts are listed on a fixture card which is sent to all members. Because of variable factors, such as the weather and huntsman's schedule, it is advisable to contact the huntsman prior to the meet to verify the hounds will be going out at the appointed time and location. Riders are not the only ones who enjoy the thrills of the sport. "Hilltoppers", who follow the chase in the relative comfort and safety of motorized vehicles, enjoy exciting views of the field as well as spectacular scenery. The Wabash Hounds "whoopee wagons" equipped with liquid refreshments, are a welcome sight to the weary riders.

Social Activities

The Wabash Hounds activities, enjoyed by family members of all ages, are family affairs centered around the glamour, tradition, and fun of Foxhunting. They include:
New Members Party - Pre season party held in June, during which we greet prospective members and orient new ones.
Hunt Breakfasts - Relaxed events featuring delicious culinary delights created by our hosts. We encourage each member to experience hosting a breakfast.
Hunt Ball - The Season's social event. This White Tie affair features elegant dining and dancing with a special silent auction. It is held on the Saturday before Thanksgiving each year.
Landowner's Party - During the summer, the Hunt honors the generous landowners who permit us to enjoy our sport by riding across their land. Enjoy a great BBQ and dancing.
Hound Show - Each May the Wabash Hounds participate in the Central States Hound Show in Kansas City. While Staff present the hounds, members are encouraged to cheer on the hounds from the sidelines and socialize with members from other Hunt Clubs in the Great Plains area.
Joint Hunt - Twice a year the Hunts from the Great Plains gather together to participate in an exciting weekend of hunting and socializing with people who enjoy the traditional sport of Foxhunting
You'll find the Wabash Hound members enthusiastically supporting these and many other Hunt activities, including helping train hounds, build fences, and chair social activities. There are activities to satisfy everyone who wants to participate.


Membership in the Wabash Hounds is by invitation only. Memberships are available as either single or family classifications. Each family includes parents and dependent children. Members can opt to become either riding or social members, and may upgrade at any time. As a riding member, you will have total membership rights, including riding to hounds on a regular basis and qualifying a horse for Field Hunter competitions. New riding members must be sponsored by an existing riding member who is responsible for his/her conduct in the field for a period of one year. Social members may participate in all social functions and ride to the hounds 5 times per season while paying a capping fee.


Social members and guests may hunt with the Wabash Hounds with the approval of a Joint Master of Foxhounds and a payment of $20 Capping fee (per hunt) to the Field Secretary. Capping fees, used to defray hound expenses, should be paid prior to hounds moving off for the day's sport. There is a limit of five cappings per person per hunting season. For your protection, as well as the land owners, a waiver must be signed before the hunt moves off.

Mission statement of the Wabash Hounds

The Wabash Hounds is organized to:

a: promote and encourage the sport of riding to hounds - a wholesome outdoor sport with historical background over many hundreds of years, with many fine national and international traditions; a sport for young and old, and for all;
b: educate participants and spectators in all aspects of the sport including management of the horse in the hunting field; the breeding, field training and management of the foxhound; the nature and habitat of the fox and coyote; and the preservation of wildlife and conservation of the environment;
c: continue research and scientific study of the foxhound including breeding, selection, health care, and training; and of the wildlife including the natural history and the interdependence of all life.
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